Pharmacy First

What can this service offer?

The Pharmacy First service went live on the 31st January 2024.  This service is available to patients as a walk-in service as well as a service to be referred into by NHS 111, GP practice clinicians and GP practice admin staff.

This service will enable Community Clinical Pharmacists to supply some prescription medications, where clinically appropriate under the guidance of a PGD (Patient Group Directive).  Pharmacies who are part of this service in Ashby are Ashby Pharmacy, Boots, Dean and Smedley and Tesco pharmacy.

What conditions can the Clinical Pharmacist treat? 

Bites and stings

Cold and flu symptoms

Congestion (blocked runny nose, hay fever, excess mucus)

Ears (Wax, blocked)

Eyes (conjunctivitis, dry, runny, or sore eyes)

Gastric (Bowel issue, constipation, heartburn, indigestion, haemorrhoids, and vomiting)

General muscular pain (sprains and strains)

Skin conditions (ache, athletes foot, rashes, warts, verruca’s)

Mouth and throat conditions (cold sores, ulcers, sore throat) 


There is also an additional list of some new conditions that Pharmacy First can now prescribe for :


Clinical Pathway

Age Criteria

Uncomplicated UTI



18 years and over


1 year and older

Infected insect bites

1 year and older


12 years and over

Sore throat

5 years and over

Acute Otitis media

1-17 years


What conditions are not suitable to be referred to Pharmacy First?

Children under the age of one year

Immunosuppressed patients

Severe Symptoms

Pregnant patients

Symptoms or conditions that have lasted for more than 3 weeks.

Has not responded to over-the-counter medication.

For UTI criteria age between 16-64 not pregnant diabetic or had antibiotics in the last 3 week. Males excluded you will need to contact Castle Medical Group to speak to a GP.


What happens when I am referred to Pharmacy First

The referral from the GP practice will share details with the Clinical Pharmacist about your minor illness.

You will need to contact the pharmacy ideally within 1 hour following your referral.  The pharmacy will then arrange a face-to-face appointment or a web cam consultation with the Clinical Pharmacist.  The pharmacy will aim to consult with you on the same day, however the pharmacist will advise if this is not possible. 

You will be asked about your medical history and current symptoms in the same way which a GP practice clinician would ask about them.

The pharmacist will then provide you with advice and prescribe medication to you should they feel it is appropriate.

What happens if Pharmacy First cannot treat my Illness?

If the Clinical Pharmacist feels that you need to be seen by your GP practice urgently then they will call or send the referral back to us to ensure that you are seen.  You may also be referred to us to arrange a non-urgent follow up appointment with a GP practice clinician.