We believe we should pass our skills to others and so we regularly have Trainee Doctors at this practice.  

Registrar Doctors 

Registrars are fully qualified doctors who have decided they would like to become GP's. They undertake blocks of training varying between four months and a year of ‘on-the-job’ training with us here and are supervised by the Partners. You may be booked with a Registrar and we will notify you at the time of booking if this is the case.

Medical Students 

We are a training practice and regularly have a medical student here for a 6 week placement. These are young people training to become doctors. You will be informed if there is a medical student sitting in with the doctor you wish to see and asked if you are prepared to have the medical student in your consultation. Do not be afraid to say no. 

Video Consultations 

As part of their training both the registrars and medical students have to video consultations. You will always be asked if you are happy for this to happen and then given an information leaflet and consent form. At the same time, the Patient Services Advisor will explain the procedure to you. A recording will not be undertaken without a patient's consent and intimate or physical examinations will not be recorded. The camera will be switched off on request. Please do not be afraid to say no if you are uncomfortable with this, it will not affect the care we provide for you in any way