How to Access Your Test Results

After clinical review, your test results can be viewed online using the below options

If we feel that any action is required following your blood results, we will communicate this to you by text message. This may be to inform you to book a follow-up appointment or to give you further advice on appropriate next steps.


During your consultation or blood test appointment we will ask for your consent to communicate with you by text message and this will be documented in your medical record.


Please note, if you've had multiple tests or investigations, you may receive more than one text message. This is unavoidable due to the way the practice receives results. If you do experience this, please ensure that you follow the instructions in each message you receive as they could be different.


If you are unsure, or you do not have access to a mobile phone, please contact our Patient Services Team by email or telephone 01530 414131 after 11:00am. Please keep in mind that our Patient Services Team are not clinically trained and will relay the message the clinician has documented in your medical record and will help to get clarification for you on any questions you may have.


If you are emailing or ringing to discuss results, due to patient confidentiality we will only be able to discuss results with the person they relate to. The only exceptions to this are children 10 years or younger or if we have consent from the person concerned to discuss medical information with a named family member or carer. For further information in relation to patients aged 11 years and over and confidentiality please refer to our online forms page.


If you have changed your mobile number, please let us know so that we can update this on your records as this will ensure that you receive all important communications from us regarding your healthcare.